Ann Moore -Health Coach

Coaching Divorced Women Over 50

When faced with a traumatic event, we can deal with it in many different ways. For most of us, our health suffers and it is the last thing of any concern. Our eating habits change, whether we eat to comfort ourselves or stop eating altogether. which can lead to long-term illnesses and an unhealthy insight into the challenges ahead.

A healthy mind and body are a strong defense to the stress of divorce and the many decisions we must make in such a short period of time. “Gray Divorce”, as it is called now, has more than doubled since the 1990s. Women in this community suffer the most, with long term health issues being one of the biggest problems.

Food, and what we eat, plays a major roll in all of our health concerns. Learning the importance of a balanced diet, what foods your body can tolerate and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle will lead you to make better decisions, feel great about yourself and up your energy levels to tackle the issues of each day.

We are all individuals with individual needs. Find out what foods will create a healthy, strong body for you. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and we can help create and maintain your healthy lifestyle to move forward to the next chapter. Contact us to get more information and a free consultation.

Stay Healthy and Strong…Your story isn’t over yet