Put a Smile on Your Face, Your life is Just Beginning…


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I was walking to my car one day and I started thinking about age…my age to be exact…and how people use the phrase “you look great for____ (fill in the blank!)”.  What exactly does that mean?  What exactly does (fill in the blank) look like, or feel like, or anything?  It’s just a number.

At 59 not a day went by that I didn’t wonder what being 60 would be like.  Will it be any different than 59?  Will it be any different than 55?  I think 55 was the year that made me think about my age and where I was heading.  It just seemed like a downhill slope to 60.  Actually, it has been anything but downhill.  With these years I have made a life for myself after a divorce, created a career and gone back to school.  I have started exploring my real feelings about what I want and where I want to go.  Who am I and is any of this different from when I was 25 thinking the same things?  Yes, as a matter of fact, it is.  It’s better.  Think about the experiences, the ups and downs, the knowledge from succeeding and from failing, the loves and the losses.  Yes, much different.  But the feelings are the same, the anxieties are the same, the uncertainties are the same.

If I had known at 25 what I know now, how would my life be different?  Would it be different?   Would I ask for the same things with confidence and assurance?   Would I walk away if my gut said to?  Would I believe in my own self worth?  Would I believe in me at all?  I guess I’m still that 25 year old, with a lot more experience and self assurance.  Kind of an interesting and exciting combination.  My children are just starting their lives, this chapter anyway.  Two of them fresh out of college, securing jobs, moving to new and exciting places. The youngest, still in college, but traveling a different path than originally planned.  Nothing unusual at that age.  But what about at my age?  I have certainly traveled much different paths than I thought I would.  But, isn’t that true at any age?  25, or 55?  Do you see the inconsistencies, and the consistencies?  Life is very strange, yet very intriguing.

So, what does any age mean?  Are you asking the same questions?  Are you ready to explore the whole idea of age and what exactly you do with it?  Sit around and get old, or ignore it and keep on moving?  If you all answered that one question, I dare say I would get as many different answers as people who answered.  Or, would we all see it the same?  We are all faced with age, getting older, aging, etc.  It’s just what we choose to do with it.  How about you?  What are you doing with it?

I would love to hear your thoughts on your aging process.  Do you even think about it at all?  Are you worried about each line that shows up on your face and gray hair on your head?  Do you think about the aches and pains?  Do you sag in places you didn’t before, and wish you didn’t now?  Or are you out there showing the world that you are stronger than ever and your number has nothing to do with how you feel?  Does our health and how we have taken care of ourselves over the years play a role?  Have you had to make some adjustments in your routine or what you can eat and not eat?  Can we straighten up and get healthy now and change the course of time?  How old do you want to be?  How far are you ready to go?  Let’s find out together!

Until next time…

Embrace your age, it’s who you are!


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