How do you spend Mother’s Day?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  I can’t tell you how many posts and pictures there were on all social media of children wishing their mothers love and admiration.  Not that this is a bad thing.  My children posted and called and it was so gratefully appreciated.  They are all off doing whatever it is they are doing, so were not here to be with me for the day.  But, what I realized over the course of the day, is that I was with them all day.  I found myself reflecting on all of the great joy they bring me and the laughter and happiness that I experience when we are together.  I am so thankful for all that they give me and every moment we spend being a family.

This also took me back to the childhood years, who they were then, what they enjoyed, how they spent their time, the friends in their lives.  We certainly had some wonderful times.  We took incredible vacations, I attended anything and everything they were in, chaperoned whatever field trip or overnight trip offered.  I tried to expose them to things I thought would be of benefit to them in their formative years…they didn’t always get, or appreciate, my point!   It was funny all of the experiences I thought they would cherish, they didn’t find as much value in as I did at the time.  We rented a beach house at Pawley’s Island every summer.  They took friends, and I loved the whole week.  There were the elementary years, the middle school years and, of course, the dreaded high school years.  Everyone went through each in his or her own way, some were not so good, some were really wonderful.  

All of this to bring me back to the present and how each one has evolved.  They are still very special in their own rite.  The one I fought with the most, and caused the most worry through high school, is now the sweetest friend a mom could ask for.  She, in fact, graduated in Social Work with a love of helping those in need, built orphanages in

My girls and childhood friend surprised me for my big 60th birthday

Honduras and still calls her mama when she gets sick.  The one who wouldn’t come out of the basement or pause his video game for a second, much less care about school and the outside world, just graduated from grad school, has explored Europe once already and heading back again soon, with the final destination San Diego for his new career and life.  The youngest and I went through some really tough times together.  The divorce took its toll on her the most and we were left to start over again and make it on our own.  She was uprooted from her friends and thrown into a new school to start high school, with a mom who had to work 2 or 3 jobs just to make sure she could eat.  She is now also making her way through Europe, participating in Farm Work programs along the way, with plans to pursue her dance career upon return and checks on her mom every chance she gets.

Grad school graduation just last week

So, does it go back to the things they were taught or experienced while growing up, whether they liked it or not?  Or is it that they feel all of the love a mother can give and it sticks with them throughout.  I don’t know what generates a turnaround or breakthrough, but I know that my Mother’s Day was just as special in thought as others had in person.  They can bring a smile whether with me or not, they can fill my heart with love overflowing and, for me, I spent my Mother’s Day grateful to be the mother that they have made me.  


After all of the day’s reminiscing, I felt it only right to enjoy my own Mother’s Day meal.  So, I set off to the grocery store, not knowing exactly what sort of dining experience I wanted, but sure I’d figure it out there.  Low and behold, wonderful red cherries at Trader Joe’s, so of course French Cut Pork chops came to mind.  I have sort of lost my craving for red meat, so when I’m in the mood for something different these pork chops are the best.  If you’ve never had Trader Joe’s French Cut Pork Chops, stop now and go get some.  I won’t buy them anywhere else.  So to go with that, a Savory/Sweet Cherry Sauce and slightly wilted Romaine Lettuce.  One pan, simple, easy…just like I like it…and it feels like a very special meal that my kids would enjoy with me.

pork chop w cherry
French Cut Pork Chop with Slightly Wilted Romaine



I’ll share my cherry sauce here.  There is one ingredient that I don’t think you’ll see coming, but it’s what makes it so good.  Try it, taste it and see what you might like to add or not.  I’d also like to hear your thoughts on your Mother’s Day.  Whether about your mother, your kids or just what made you smile that day.


Until next time…

Embrace your age…it’s who you are


Savory-Sweet Cherry Sauce

16oz Fresh Sweet Red Cherries

¼ C Apple Cider Vinegar

¼ tsp Ground Cloves

½ tsp Ground Nutmeg

1 Clove of Garlic minced

Juice from ½ Lemon

Pit cherries and put in small sauce pan on the stove.  Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer on low until cherries break down and sauce has thickened, stirring occasionally.  



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