The Great Salad Quest

To know me is to know that my obsession with salads is borderline absurd.  Ask my family or close friends!  There is nothing better to me than a great, well thought out, memorable salad.  One that is full of healthy, yummy ingredients that make me want to keep eating after every morsel is gone.  Packed with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seasonal options and a variety of greens to nourish every part of my body, and then some!  Where all of the ingredients marry together to make me want to come back again and again.  You see, a salad can be just as satisfying, filling and enjoyable as any other item on the menu, whether cooking at home or dining out.  So…Therein lies my dilemma.IMG_20170630_141324_880

When the subject of going out to eat comes up, the first question is, of course, where do you want to go?  The next 15 or 20 minutes are occupied by extensive due diligence, trying to locate a mouthwatering salad on many menus filled with burgers, pasta, seafood delights and other trendy, although I’m sure, delicious items.  The salad is never thought of as a main dish, never as many choices, and sometimes overlooked all together.  So, again, where do you want to go?  More times than not, the final answer is the grocery store and I’ll cook something at home.  

Likewise, when you read reviews of restaurants or a new restaurant opens in town, the judgement is always on the main meat, pasta or specialty item of the establishment.  There may be a slight mention of a yummy side salad, something to start your meal, but generally focus is on the spectacular entree.  My conclusion…the salad lover is out of luck when it comes to enjoying a night out!


Well, have no fear, salad lovers!  I am here for you.  My quest is to explore, pursue and taste test salads of all varieties: around town, or around the state, take out, when I travel, or if you have any suggestions!  I know I am not the only one…have you ever explored Pinterest, Instagram or other social media sites?  I find some of the most mouth watering salads in pictures and know that they are out there in the food world to discover.  We should be able to go out to eat and finish our salad with the same full belly as the meat lover – only not as uncomfortable!  Please, don’t misunderstand, I am a meat eater.  I enjoy a great chicken, pork or seafood dinner with the best of them!  When eating out, though, I tend to head straight to the salad section of the menu.  There are several reasons for this.  One of the biggest is that there is always too much food on a the main entrees and usually ingredients that I tend not to eat.  Therefore a salad is the perfect choice.

While this may not be a world changing dilemma, it has caught my attention and curiosity.  Over the next coming weeks, months, or however long it takes, I will be in search of the menus with outstanding, healthy, unique, vibrant, well thought out salads to share with you.  I will be keeping a journal and share my thoughts, critiques and yummy factor for all that I taste.  Sometimes you just want a great salad, and I will let you know where to find just that.  Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest at Ann E’s Perfect Portions and we will discover what’s out there together.  If you have had a salad you can’t forget, please let me know.  I’d like to add it, and try it.

Stay tuned for a must try…or sometimes maybe not try…directory of unforgettable and nutritious salads.  I am excited about this journey and look forward to sharing my findings.

Eat well, and until next time…

Embrace your age! It’s who you are


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