Recipe for Easy Cooking…and Life

I realize that as I’ve gotten older, reading a recipe is of little interest to me.  In my younger years I collected cookbooks, read them and couldn’t wait to try the recipes.  It was fun, and I now have quite the collection of books…displayed nicely on my book Book caseshelves.  My Southern Living collection still has to be my favorite, even though it is quite out of date compared to the new cookbooks coming out now.  My pies and cakes cookbook stoolare all a variation of something from Southern Living, still the best tasting recipes around.

Now cooking is about how I feel, what my tastes are at that moment and what my body needs.  It can also reflect what is in the fridge or pantry at the moment.   How will it work together to make a great, nourishing, satisfying meal?  Simple is the main ingredient.  After a day at work, or just being out and about for the day, sometimes cooking is the last thing of interest.  But, for me, it’s a better alternative to going out.  So…simple, quick and delicious are my main focus.  That seems to be what life is about for me now too.  Just like cooking, life has gotten less complicated.  I enjoy the small simple things, just taking in this moment.   I realize that all of the prep for a meal, that I used to think was the only way, is just time consuming.  As with decisions and plans in life.  They don’t need to be prepared and contemplated over for hours.   You’ll never get to the meal…the nourishment…the satisfying experiences of living.   

I heard someone say that when roasting an onion, he puts it in the oven skin and all.  Comes out the same and the skin peels right off without the hassle…and tears.  I’ve found the same to be true with most of my vegetables that have a skin.  Spaghetti  and Butternut Squash are perfect examples.  They go straight on the sheet pan, in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour and, once cooled enough to touch, cut open, discard the seed and you have an easy to work with ingredient.  So simple.  root veggies

The ingredients for life, just as simple.   If we don’t explore and take the risk, we sit and do nothing.  There is nothing complicated about that.  Try a new food today, try a new adventure today.  When I turned 60, I made a conscious effort to start doing things I’d never experienced before.  That birthday I went paddle boarding.  Living in Charleston, I saw it everywhere.  Why had I not done that before?  What fun I had been missing.  That year I moved to a place I knew nothing about.  The only things that were certain were that it was time for me to move and I needed a welcome change of scenery.  The mountains were definitely a change from the beach.  Not sure this is forever, but that will make itself clear when necessary.  So simple.  

Sixty one was brought in by a whitewater rafting adventure.  Never tried it, but so much fun.  The decision was easy.  I’m in the mountains, so why wouldn’t I?!  If we take notice of the great things around us, these adventures take shape on their own.  Nothing complicated about it.  Same with the wonderful foods around us.  There are new things to try always.  I never had Brussels Sprouts until I was 55 years old.  Now it is a regular Okrain my meal menus.  And oh, so simple to prepare.  This is one that you let cook itself, whether roasting, sauteing or even caramelizing.  Not even completely necessary to cut, just put on or in a pan, a bit of seasoning, and let it go.  Okra was the same for me.  A late in life find, but easy to prepare in so many ways.  And yes, it is one that can be cooked whole, without any preparation.  Why wouldn’t you try it?!    I have just discovered celeriac, or celery root.  A sweet root vegetable from the celery family, but cultivated mostly for the root.  Again, cook whole and work with it after cooked.  Adds a celery like flavor to your meal, but a bit sweeter.

I’m not sure most culinary experts would agree with my methods of cooking.  I don’t cook from a technical side, but from a savor the moment, and the food approach. Savor life’s moments the same. There are so many easy and flavorful foods to choose from, to explore.  As there are so many wonderful and exciting adventures around us to explore.  Take advantage of both.  When we cook, it is so rewarding to enjoy the meal created.  When we explore, the rewards are endless.  It’s amazing how the simple things in life can be the most rewarding. What makes your life more simple?  What changes have you noticed in your routine, or cooking habits?  Have you tried a new food or adventure lately?  Take care of you.  Enjoy life, as well as a good meal…simply put!


Celeriac and Cauliflower Mash

1 Celeriac Root, peeled

1 Head of Cauliflowerceleriac mash

1-2 Cloves of Garlic, peeled

½ t Ginger, ground or fresh

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Place celeriac, cauliflower and garlic on roasting pan.  Roast in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, or until tender.  Rough chop celeriac and cauliflower and put in food processor, along with garlic.  Add ginger, salt and pepper and process until completely blended.  This is served in a Spaghetti Squash Bowl.

Until next time..

Embrace your age…it’s who you are!


The Great Salad Quest

To know me is to know that my obsession with salads is borderline absurd.  Ask my family or close friends!  There is nothing better to me than a great, well thought out, memorable salad.  One that is full of healthy, yummy ingredients that make me want to keep eating after every morsel is gone.  Packed with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seasonal options and a variety of greens to nourish every part of my body, and then some!  Where all of the ingredients marry together to make me want to come back again and again.  You see, a salad can be just as satisfying, filling and enjoyable as any other item on the menu, whether cooking at home or dining out.  So…Therein lies my dilemma.IMG_20170630_141324_880

When the subject of going out to eat comes up, the first question is, of course, where do you want to go?  The next 15 or 20 minutes are occupied by extensive due diligence, trying to locate a mouthwatering salad on many menus filled with burgers, pasta, seafood delights and other trendy, although I’m sure, delicious items.  The salad is never thought of as a main dish, never as many choices, and sometimes overlooked all together.  So, again, where do you want to go?  More times than not, the final answer is the grocery store and I’ll cook something at home.  

Likewise, when you read reviews of restaurants or a new restaurant opens in town, the judgement is always on the main meat, pasta or specialty item of the establishment.  There may be a slight mention of a yummy side salad, something to start your meal, but generally focus is on the spectacular entree.  My conclusion…the salad lover is out of luck when it comes to enjoying a night out!


Well, have no fear, salad lovers!  I am here for you.  My quest is to explore, pursue and taste test salads of all varieties: around town, or around the state, take out, when I travel, or if you have any suggestions!  I know I am not the only one…have you ever explored Pinterest, Instagram or other social media sites?  I find some of the most mouth watering salads in pictures and know that they are out there in the food world to discover.  We should be able to go out to eat and finish our salad with the same full belly as the meat lover – only not as uncomfortable!  Please, don’t misunderstand, I am a meat eater.  I enjoy a great chicken, pork or seafood dinner with the best of them!  When eating out, though, I tend to head straight to the salad section of the menu.  There are several reasons for this.  One of the biggest is that there is always too much food on a the main entrees and usually ingredients that I tend not to eat.  Therefore a salad is the perfect choice.

While this may not be a world changing dilemma, it has caught my attention and curiosity.  Over the next coming weeks, months, or however long it takes, I will be in search of the menus with outstanding, healthy, unique, vibrant, well thought out salads to share with you.  I will be keeping a journal and share my thoughts, critiques and yummy factor for all that I taste.  Sometimes you just want a great salad, and I will let you know where to find just that.  Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest at Ann E’s Perfect Portions and we will discover what’s out there together.  If you have had a salad you can’t forget, please let me know.  I’d like to add it, and try it.

Stay tuned for a must try…or sometimes maybe not try…directory of unforgettable and nutritious salads.  I am excited about this journey and look forward to sharing my findings.

Eat well, and until next time…

Embrace your age! It’s who you are

Where do You Shop? Do You Have a Favorite, or Shop Around?

I finished up what I wanted to accomplish before work this morning, leaving me with questions about why and where others shop.

Date-Nut Butter was on my to do list.  Needing to pick up some dates for this yesterday, I decided to give Aldi’s a try.  I keep hearing people talk about how much they love it.  I’ve been in a few times and walked out, not really getting the big deal.  The first thing as you walk in the door is an entire aisle of chips, candy and other bagged and processed items.  I also don’t do well with warehouse shopping.  It feels like a Rack Room for food.  The out of date items, the brands that no one can sell, sitting on the shelves for who knows how long.  I’m NOT saying that’s true…just feels that way to me.   But, yesterday I was going to see what I could purchase!  I found some trail mix selections.  Different nut and seed varieties.  I like to buy a couple of different ones and mix them together.  Price wasn’t bad.  Ok…first purchase.  Next, I found spicy mustard.  I needed some, and it looked as good as any.  The produce didn’t look too bad.  I found my dates.  They were Medjool, although the price wasn’t any better than Trader Joe’s.  But freshness is the most important element.  Let’s try them.  That was about all I needed, so that would be my first buying experience with Aldi’s.  As for other warehouse stores, I’ve tried Sam’s with no luck, but never been in Costco.  I know they are loved by many, so call me crazy!

I opened the nuts when I got home.  These were nuts I would use in my Date-Nut Butter as well as make my own trail mix.  They weren’t as fresh tasting as I’ve had, but mixed in with other things, probably wouldn’t make much difference.  This morning I used them for my nut butter.  After processing them in the food processor, it was time to add the dates.  Definitely not as fresh as Trader Joe’s.  Some were hard to cut open in order to remove the pit.  Some were fine.  I added my warm water and turned on the processor.  Gonna need a little more water to get these to break down.  Fresh dates don’t need too much added water, but these were a little harder.  Again, making me wonder how long they had been packaged.  I added the water, got things mixed and processed.  Date-Butter ready.  The taste was good, I can’t complain about that.  Not feeling like I’m eating fresh ingredients, I can question.  It didn’t seem like the price savings was great enough to compromise quality.

Which brings us to the many other choices out there.  I have mostly been a Harris Teeter shopper.  I find their rotisserie chickens to be the best, and I usually feel pretty good about their produce.  Like most places now, you can opt for organic or not.  They have the best deal on kale…large bunch that seems to be fresher than anywhere I’ve shopped and a great price.  I was never a Trader Joe’s shopper until my daughter started working there.  It was nice, of course, for the discount, but I also found out what the fuss was about.   Everything is good quality and usually at a very good price.  I now only buy my meats and eggs there.  And…as you well know…dates!  I also find their nuts to be fresh and reasonably priced and I love their bags of already prepared produce.  If you hate the preparation of vegetables, this is the way to go!  I am such a fan of the cauliflower rice.  It’s so versatile and adds a great texture to any dish.  I use it as a side dish, or add other ingredients and make a meal of it.  So simple and ready in no time.  That’s a great one for  a “too tired to cook” night.  Throw in a few of the already 20170526_184432prepared veggies and you have supper before even thinking about how going out might be a good idea.

I do occasionally try the higher end stores.  Whole Foods has some good choices and sometimes you can find a good price or a sale that will make you glad you came in!  Fresh Market is a beautiful store, but I only shop there when I’m feeling a bit extravagant!  Where is your favorite?  I think we all gravitate to one place as our go to, maybe venturing in another on occasion.  I’ve tried most in my area – oh, I left out Ingles.  Never knew of them until moving to this area.  I do find them expensive and some things are very questionable.  They are a last resort for me, but will go if needed.

I don’t think most people like to shop around, it can be very time consuming.  But, after years of looking for the best deals, watching all of these stores evolve and wanting the freshest quality at a reasonable price, I feel like I know exactly where to go to get what I need.  Funny, but it actually makes shopping easier.  If I know what I’m after, I can go right to that store and I’m done.  No shopping around, wandering through the aisles, or wondering if I got the best deal.  So, although I may travel to different places, it has, for me, become a time saver!  What are you looking for in a store?  Do you shop around, or stick with what’s close?

How about a Cauliflower Rice vegetarian dinner tonight?

Easy Vegetarian Cauliflower Rice

1 Bag Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Rice

1 Bag Snow Peas

1 Pint Heirloom Grape Tomatoes

1 Red Pepper, chopped

1 Red Onion, diced

2 Garlic Cloves, peeled and chopped20170526_190926

1 Can Garbanzo Beans, drained and rinsed

Juice for 1/2 lemon

2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste

In a skillet, heat olive oil and add onions and garlic.  Sprinkle vegetables with a pinch of salt.  Turn heat to medium/low.  When onions are a bit translucent, add tomatoes and red pepper.  Let cook 3-4 minutes and add snow peas, stirring into other vegetables.  Cook 3-4 minutes and stir in garbanzo beans.  Add cauliflower rice last, along with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Stir to incorporate all of ingredients.  Let cook for 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally.   Serve with sliced avocado.  It is a meal in itself!  Mix it with chicken or salmon the next night, and you have a completely new meal.  Enjoy!

Until next time –

Embrace your age…it’s who you are!

I’m Too Tired to Cook, but I Don’t Want to Go Out…

When I lived in Charleston, the one big question of visitors to the Holy City was “Where should we eat?”  Such a great question in such an incredible foodie town!  There is a charlestonrestaurant on every corner and in each building in between.  Rest assured that if one closes today, there will be one in line and ready to open tomorrow.  It’s almost like the line at Home Goods, each customer waiting for the cashier to yell “Next”!  How could you not find a place?  Problem is, I am the wrong person to answer that kind of question…   Eating out is not my thing, even in a town with so many fabulous choices.


Going out to eat is one of the most frustrating activities I seem to encounter.  There are too many decisions involved, and I can’t ever seem to resolve them.  Many a night on my way home from work, I would think grabbing a bite out would be a great idea.  So, I’d call my daughter and start the process.  And it was a process…where should we eat, what do you feel like eating, that’s really expensive, I’m too tired to go back out…the list was endless.  And, after 30 minutes of deliberation, we would always realize that what we felt like eating, what was the least time consuming, what was most cost effective and where we should go, turned out to be a meal at home.  Truth be told, I’d rather eat my own cooking anyway, since I know from whence it came!


Much to most people’s disbelief, cooking at home is the easiest solution to that satisfying dinner after a long day.  You know what you are putting in your body, dinner can be made, eaten and cleaned up faster than going out, you certainly don’t have to change or freshen up to eat at home, definitely less expensive, and by far the healthiest choice.  Don’t get me wrong, a nice meal out with good company, when I’m looking forward to it, is a lot of fun.  And a spontaneous night out can wake up a boring week.  That’s what the eating experience should be…fun, enjoyable and savored.  But for the night after a long day, I hear many folks say that it’s too much trouble to cook for one or two.  I do it every night and find it much easier than going out.  My routine is usually to come home, a nice long walk with my little furry friend, maybe water the plants or take care of something

kipper at craggy

 else that needs attention around the house and then prepare my meal.  I do, sometimes, think I don’t feel like going through the motions of preparation, but once I have put the day behind me and start the process, I rather enjoy it.  As I  start getting a feel for the direction of the meal, putting it together is very satisfying.  On most occasions I have enough for leftovers and I feel like I’ve treated myself to a wonderful night out if I dine on the patio. If my daughter is home, nothing is more fun than preparing a meal together.  And the benefits of a  meal prepared with love and fun are far greater than any restaurant can offer.


I have since moved to Asheville, another foodie town, and nothing has changed.  Although the thought of stopping to get something on the way home, or going out to grab a bite still enters my head, I find myself continuing to enjoy my meals at home.  Many weeks I’ll pick a day and cook some things for that night as well as the week ahead.  My

roasted chicken
Lemon Roasted Chicken cooked in a cast iron skillet

favorite food to cook for the week is a whole roasted chicken.  Cooking meat on the bone is so much more flavorful and excellent for the health of your bones. Wow is it good when it’s fresh out of the oven, but, oh the things you can do with it after that.  And you never feel like you’re eating leftovers!  I can almost eat an entire week on a chicken, at least 4 or 5 days.  With nothing being too complicated or time consuming.  I am all about simple!  Roasted Chicken and Avocado Chicken Salad is an entire meal in one, and great for this time of year.  Chicken vegetable soup is a very quick fix.  Grab some chicken broth and whatever veggies you might like to add, if none at home.  I love the bags of cauliflower rice that you can cook quickly and add anything you want for an entire meal.  Add some cut up chicken to that, with some baby spinach and mushrooms,  or grape tomatoes and you are all set for night 4.  If there is any chicken left for night 5, make it a stir fry.  Onions, snow peas, broccoli and your cut up chicken.  You’ve had lots of good meals, with little fuss.  Don’t forget the bones of the chicken left to cook up some broth for the next chicken soup or a special treat for the pup!!  Mine loves chicken broth in his supper!  Everyone is happy!


Chicken Veggie Soup


Cauliflower Rice
Chicken Stir Fry

So, go on, live a little…create that great, healthy, inexpensive, time saving meal at home and enjoy all of the love and happiness you’ve put into it!  Let me know your favorite meal to prepare for the week.  How do you mix and match your leftovers?

Try my tasty Roasted Chicken and Avocado Salad and let me know what you added to make it your own!


Roasted Chicken and Avocado Saladchicken salad


1 Whole Chicken, roasted or 4 Bone-In Chicken Breasts, roasted

1 Small Sweet Onion, diced

1 Pint Grape Tomatoes, cut in half

½ C Pumpkin Seeds

1 Avocado, cut into pieces

Juice from Half Lemon

Juice from Half Lime

Salt and Pepper to taste


Pull chicken off of the bone and rough chop.  Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.  Serve over mixed greens or spinach.  One of my favorites is Arugula.  Add Blueberries for a little fruit sweetness, if you like.   Enjoy!


Until next time…

Embrace your age…it’s who you are!



The Inside Story of a Healthy Outside

Have you ever noticed that when you walk down a path one way you observe what you think is the only view, but when you turn around and go back, it’s like walking a different path.  When I walk on the beach, if I walk south, I’m noticing everything  the beach playocean encompasses, people in it playing or surfing, boats sailing.  When I turn around to go back, I’m drawn to the houses.  I notice the colors, people on the decks, how far from the dunes they are.  It’s the same with a hike up a mountain. trail up The hike up takes in a different path than the hike down, the trees don’t even seem to grow in the same direction.  Driving a narrow road offers the same different viewpoints.  Always a different perspective on the same view.  Quite interesting, and I always notice something different each way, no matter how many times I’ve traveled that road.  

Do you think the same could be said for other views we take in?  What about the people we meet?  Could there be two different views on them?  Are we quick to see only the one outside view?  What if we walked down the path to getting to know them in a different direction.  Would we see something completely different?  The colors of the houses, or the surfers in the ocean?

The same could apply to our health and lifestyle.  We tend to look at ourselves with the outside physical view.  Are we thin enough?  Are we muscular enough?  Do we sag in too many places?  Does our skin glow?  But how about the inside?  Have we looked at that to see what in there is contributing to the things we see on the outside?  Could our skin look dull because we aren’t eating enough green leafy vegetables to bring out its radiance?  Or is it sagging because we aren’t consuming enough vitamins to help build more collagen?  What we put in our bodies is just as important to the outside appearance as exercise, skin care products and sunscreen.   I am all about a great skin care regimen at night and in the morning, but I also think about what I’m putting in my body and how it will affect the outside.  And for me, none of this needs to be complicated.  At my age, simplicity is the spice of life!

Just as important to the gut, our energy level and brain, there are many foods that contribute to the well being of our skin.   I think for today, I’ll start with Kale.  It’s such an

Kale Bunch 1
Kale Bunch – so easy to tear off of the stems

easy food to work with and very versatile, a great source for the many needs of our bodies, as well as our outside glow.  And so easy to incorporate into a meal.  It can go in one-pan-wonders, soups or a fabulous salad.  There are some tricks to using Kale…like don’t forget to massage your kale before eating it raw!  It is definitely a bit tough raw, but if you give it some love and care by gently massaging the leaves after putting them in a bowl, it makes all the difference.  And you will feel the love you’ve given it.  I prefer the whole kale bunches to the prepackaged cut up kale.  It’s easier to work with because you can just tear the leaves off of the big stems and put in the bowl.  With the bagged kale, I always feel like I’m spending way too much time picking out those large stems, only to end up with more in the salad after it’s made.  One of my least favorite things in a salad!

Now the beauty facts about kale…  Each cup contains just 33 calories to your daily intake.  A single serving of kale provides all the vitamin K you need for the day, and eating kale also increases your intake of calcium and iron. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce puffiness and redness in the face and around the eyes. The omega-3 fatty acids are excellent for a more supple and nourished complexion from within.  Making kale a regular part of your diet not only promotes overall health, it also keeps your skin healthy and strong by increasing your intake of skin-friendly essential nutrients.

kale stirfry
Kale Stir Fry

Kale boosts the health of your skin because of its high content of vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin C helps you make the collagen needed for skin strength. Vitamin C’s antioxidant function also means it might provide natural protection from the sun, preventing skin damage caused by exposure to the sun’s rays.  Vitamin A promotes healthy cell growth, including the cells that make up the dermis and epidermis of your skin.

Kale Chips
Kale Chips

Beautiful hair is another benefit of kale. The vitamin C in kale can increase circulation in the scalp along with the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help improve hair elasticity. Kale’s high amount of iron is also essential to healthy hair.

So, when you’re bombarded with all of those anti-aging cream and lotion commercials, remember that what you put inside your body may be even more important than what goes on the outside.

Here’s a great kale salad that you can play with to make it your own.  You may read the recipe and think of some other things you would like to add.  That’s what recipes are for…a starting point for you to create something spectacular of your own.  When I create recipes, I keep in mind that we are usually cooking for one or two at this point, so I keep them simple, and sometimes enough for one more meal to enjoy another day.  One of my favorite recipes for kale is not only delicious, but easy to put together.  The dressing is included in the salad, which cuts one more step out.  Simple, yummy and oh so good for your healthy glow!


Beet and Kale Salad

1 Bunch or Combination of a variety of Kale20150914_124758

Off the stem and massaged in the bowl

1 Cup Arugula

1 Red Onion thinly sliced

1 Cup Daikon Radish cut in rounds

1 Cup Sunflower Seeds

1 Avocado

Juice of one Lemon

Juice of one Lime

1 Tbls Grated Fresh Ginger

Sea Salt

2 Cups Roasted Beets diced

Put all ingredients except beets into a large bowl and mix thoroughly with your hands. Add beets and toss.  Incorporate all ingredients well.

Here’s to your healthy glow from the inside out!

Until next time…

Embrace your age…it’s who you are!



Wende Rowe: Eat Beautiful