The Great Salad Quest

Laughing Seed Cafe                                                                                         July, 2017

The first day my daughter was back from her 2 month trip to Spain, we spent the day shopping and doing Mother/Daughter things.  Of course that meant a great lunch out, and we certainly found it.  There are some cute little spots to eat on Wall St in downtown Asheville, so we headed there to find the cutest!  Laughing Seed Cafe caught our attention with a wonderful outdoor patio, umbrellas to shade the sun and a cozy feel.


We both ordered from the Raw Food section of the menu.  There were two choices, both sounding inviting.  The salad section didn’t quite catch my interest, as much as these two dishes did.  From the description, though, I’d say they fit the profile of a salad for me.

Dragon Bowl -My choice – $14

Description – Arugula, cauliflower rice, seasonal raw veggies, house made purple kraut, kimchee, avocado, sunflower-beet pate topped with pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

There were a lot of ingredients to this dish, but they all went well together.  I discovered something new all along the way.  The arugula was a perfect green choice for these flavors.  The purple kraut, kimchee and sunflower-beet pate were all house made.  I think the pate was my favorite item in the bowl.  Kimchee was a little strong for me, but the other ingredients pulled it together.  

Spinach Pesto Manicotti -Daughter’s choice -$1520170724_133031-1

Description -Zucchini noodles stuffed with cashew ricotta and sunflower seed-spinach pesto. Served over sundried tomato marinara with house-marinated olives and a drizzle of lemon basil olive oil

The cashew ricotta was incredible – my daughter’s favorite item on the plate.  I thought the marinara was a little out of place.  Although wonderfully flavorful, it seemed a bit heavy for the dish.  The spinach pesto and drizzle of lemon basil olive oil rounded out the dish beautifully.


Conclusion – You couldn’t go wrong with either choice.  All of the flavors in both Raw selections were well thought out and prepared.   Each ingredient was a compliment to all of the others.   If you are in the Asheville area and looking for a light, but flavorful salad, Laughing Seed Cafe is a must.  There are other choices that looked equally as tempting, so we will certainly be returning to find something else inviting to try.  Our server made the whole experience very enjoyable and a pleasure to recommend!

Thanks Laughing Seed Cafe for a pleasant afternoon and an unforgettable meal.  Look forward to a return visit!

Until next time…

Eat Healthy, Colorful and Enjoy the Flavors!




Farm Burger South Asheville                                                               July, 2017

I know that deciding on take out for my first salad in this quest was a bit odd, but it happened at a moment that I was really craving a great salad and didn’t want to go out or go to the grocery store…  I looked around the neighborhood at menus online and found this interesting and tasty sounding meal.  So, why not!?

I had eaten at Farm Burger Downtown when I first moved to Asheville.  I believe I ordered just a regular mixed green salad and, although it was good, nothing to talk about.  I think the one I picked for this night was new and definitely sounded more appealing.  I ordered online, very convenient, and picked a time for it to be ready.  They also had some good choices to add to your salad for an extra cost.  My salad was ready on time and an easy pick up.

Super Food Salad -Large  $7.95

Description -Lacinato Kale, beets, pecans, roasted carrots, caramelized onions, dried cranberries, Tahini Dressing and nutritional yeast.

I added a sunnyside up egg and arugula for $1.00 each.  Still not a bad price for this salad.

farm burger salad

It was in a typical to-go box and looked very appealing.  When I got it home, I transferred it to a plate.  The egg on top was cooked perfectly.  There was no dressing on the side, and I realized it was already on the salad.  I prefer no dressing on my salads, but for the sake of this quest, I want to experience the whole salad.  I would have preferred the dressing on the side, and, although not  requested, I usually expect that on a salad to go. The ingredients without dressing give me the real flavors, not covered up.  Luckily this dressing was light and didn’t overpower, so, well done.  The ingredients married well together, but I realized as I was eating there was something missing.  They left off the pecans, which would have given it a great crunch.  That was a bit disappointing, as I love pecans.  

Conclusion -Ordering was very simple and clear.  I love the convenience of ordering online.  They did text me to let me know when it was ready.  No wait, the salad was ready when I got there.  The flavors were well brought out, ingredients went well together and I certainly cleaned my plate.  The kale was a good base and the beets, carrots and onions cooked nicely.  Cranberries gave it that bit of sweet/tart. The extras were well worth it, egg cooked perfectly and the arugula added it’s great spicy note.  I was disappointed they left off the pecans, and it’s hard to go back and ask them to be added when you’ve ordered take-out.  It didn’t ruin the salad, but noticed.  

I would order it again, maybe try some other add-ons, and recommend it to others.

Thanks Farm Burger South Asheville for a satisfying and flavorful take-out salad.  Look forward to it again.

Until next time…

Eat Healthy, Colorful and Enjoy the Flavors!


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